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About Us

Katie and Jason McKay began their full time RV life in September 2018. Traveling the country workamping and exploring with their truck, RV trailer, Jeep and two motorcycles.

Hi, we are Jason and Katie McKay and this is our RV Life Revved UP!

We often dreamt about one day retiring and traveling in an RV with our motorcycles, then we started to wonder, why did that one day need to be so far away, why not now? 

It seems crazy to some that in our mid-forties we would sell everything and choose to live a simple nomadic life, but the need for change and the desire for new adventures grew to be all that we could think about.  So, we came up with a 5-year plan … well once the ball started rolling, that quickly became a one year plan. We hunkered-down and systematically paid off debt, sold everything we could, threw away decades of accumulated stuff and eventually sold our home of twenty-plus years. 

Then, in September 2018 we left Tampa, Florida with our truck, trailer and motorcycles as our new adventure began.  In the short time since our launch, we have already seen more of this country then we have in our lifetimes and it is more amazing than we ever imagined. Sure there are challenges, we miss our friends and family, we miss our kids immensely but the rewards we get from the adventures we experience are immeasurable. 

Perhaps our paths will cross as we continue our adventures and silly shenanigans. Where are we now? Find out on our Facebook page.